Am I Spamming?

  jimforrest 17:41 17 Jun 11

I have a Win XP desktop which I use for big downloads (quicker than wireless) and for my main email account. The email account is over 20 years old and, I think I once put it on a website so I got spammed horribly for ages. For the last 12 months I keep receiving mail from The Mail Administrator (automatic messages) regarding emails which it failed to deliver. The trouble is I never sent them! Is my computer being used to send spam mails? I'm not talking of an occaissional mail mind - it's several failures a day. The comp is protected by AVG, and I regularly run AdAware, Ccleaner, Spybot etc - and they only ever pick up minor cookies. If it is spamming how do I remove the 'worm' and stop it doing it?

  onthelimit1 17:52 17 Jun 11

I'd let Malwarebytes run a full scan. Do you use a firewall?

  rdave13 18:01 17 Jun 11

Change your email account's password to a strong one as well as running the above.

  jimforrest 18:03 17 Jun 11

Sorry Onthelimit - I forgot to list Malwarebytes. It normally does a quick scan but I've set it for a full scan now. I use Comodo Firewall (which drives me nuts because it asks permission to allow undecipherable programme names without any explanation!) Lets see what Malware finds.

  Woolwell 19:18 17 Jun 11

Most likely explanation is that someone is spoofing your e-mail address and is sending out spam e-mails as if they come from you. They are also sending them to e-mails that don't work hence the mail administrator report.

Ignore the messages. Change password, do a virus scan and hope it goes away. the only real way out is to change your e-mail address.

  jimforrest 14:20 18 Jun 11

Well I let AdAware run a full scan - it took 10 hours on a 38gig drive! It found 3 instances of a Worm called Magania and a couple of file extension mismatches. All deleted now and we'll wait and see if it's any different.

  jimforrest 16:54 18 Jun 11

I just looked up what Magania does once it's on the computer. It is possible it has spread across the network (wireless) to my Win7 laptop. How can I find out if this is the case? And does Malwarebytes successfully remove it?

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