Am I running 2 antivirus programs?

  Meshuga 21:16 20 Sep 07

I have AVG free antivirus and also Zone alarm security. Does Zone alarm security include antivirus. If so, does this mean that they might conflict and that I should remove one of them.

  bremner 21:19 20 Sep 07


From click here;jsessionid=GyWXBb7I0nJ0ke4VrzkklHYLqiVB6SFeGxGu1bmrc18LlN1IDHxj!-88141120!-1062696904!7551!7552!NONE?dc=34std&ctry=&lang=en

"This comprehensive suite protects you at every level, from the deepest layers of your operating system to the physical world, delivering the most secure protection in the industry. Includes antivirus, anti-spyware, identity theft protection, operating system firewall, network and program firewall, auto-learn, anti-spam, and much more"

  bremner 21:20 20 Sep 07

Yes you should definitely remove one

  birdface 21:25 20 Sep 07

If this is the one you have,click here you will probably have to remove AVG

  Meshuga 21:26 20 Sep 07

bremner thank you, before I decide which can you tell me if the AVG7.5 antivirus has its` own firewall? if it does I`ll remove ZA.

  Meshuga 21:33 20 Sep 07

buteman thank you. When I installed ZA I was under the impression that I was installing a free antivirus program, not all the rest of the security suite. Its been a pest ever since so I would prefer to keep AVG 7.5 av along with AVG 7.5 Antispyware, which I also have.

  Meshuga 07:41 21 Sep 07

Have removed ZA leaving only 1 antivirus and will keep an eye on its performance. Thanks for your replies.

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