Am I losing my memory?

  ivesy 18:47 19 Dec 09

My PC came with an integrated graphics chip. So I decied to 'upgrade' to an ATI 4670. The card is running fine but the PC is still allocating nearly 1GB of memory to the integrated chip.

Is this normal or is there something I should be changing in the settings?

I'm running Windows 7.


  sunnystaines 18:57 19 Dec 09

In most pc's when you fit a graphics card that auto disables the on board sound.

check your BIOS in case there is an option to disable onboard graphics.

  Quiller. 18:59 19 Dec 09

do you have in the machine and is it windows 7 32bit?

  ivesy 15:36 20 Dec 09

I have 4 GB but it shows around 750MB is used for Graphics. It's Windows 64bit. I'll try the BIOS option and report back!

  ivesy 15:36 20 Dec 09

I have 4 GB but it shows around 750MB is used for Graphics. It's Windows 64bit. I'll try the BIOS option and report back!

  ivesy 15:43 20 Dec 09

I have a Phoenix Award BIOS. I've had a quick look in it but I can't see where it says disable onboard graphics. Any ideas?

  Sea Urchin 16:03 20 Dec 09

Go to your BIOS, then to Peripherals (probabaly under (advanced) chipset features), there should be an option to switch different onboard systems on and off (LAN, video, sound, I/O controllers, you name it).

  ivesy 19:01 26 Dec 09


No I can't see anything in the BIOS. I was just going to leave it. But since installing the new card the PC is noticeably slower when running more than 1 task. By more than one task I mean burning a disk in NERO and openening Firefox! Firefox (and IE8) can take an age when using another program. I'm not sure if this is coincedence or because nearly a 1GB of system memory is being allocated to the onboard graphics.

Any help would be appreciated


  gigagiggles 00:29 27 Dec 09

i think you will have to give a more credible example. it's like you're complaining the brain surgeon in the OR won't chat up about the Man.U. while a brain is worked on. you want the nero burn to be successful.

it's normal for integrated graphics to share installed system memory. the new card only adds to your flexibility. it doesn't change how the onboard graphics works.

what does the manual say about disabling onboard graphics?

  sunnystaines 09:56 27 Dec 09

most pc's do not have the option in the bios as its automatic when you fit the graphics card.

i would remove the graphics card, then place it back in firmly, as the card may be a fraction loose stopping the board from disabling the onboard graphics.

  User-312386 10:09 27 Dec 09

Can you tell us the motherboard make and model please, ill then download the manual and tell you how to disable the onboard graphics. Just another question, did you uninstall the drivers for the onboard graphics? also did you install the drivers for the new card?

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