Am I losing my memory

  YAN003 07:53 29 May 04

I Have 2 sticks of PC3200 DDR = 1024 but only shows as 1022 when I run Dxdiag.......

Each one on its own shows then at 510....

To confuse me even more I have run two benchmarks and 3dmark2001 has recorded as having 1024 of memory and 3dmark03 shows to have 1022......

To confuse mre even more a benchmark using another download showed 1023......

Anyone any idea what is going wrong?...

I thought my graphic card might have something to do with it but the benchmarks have thrown me as the tests were done straight after each other.

  Curio 15:37 29 May 04

Right click My Computer, click Properties. Your total amount of RAM will be displayed under Computer (bottom right hand corner)

  YAN003 15:44 29 May 04

Forgot to add that to my post.

That shows 1.00 GB of ram.

Thanks Curio.

  Totally-braindead 15:56 29 May 04

I think its much more likely to be bugs with the benchmark programs, personally I take anything that a benchmark program gives with a pinch of salt. If the Bios says 1022 I would worry, if the benchmark program says that I wouldn't. You don't mention your computer crashing so you're memory is ok.

  YAN003 16:07 29 May 04

Bios shows 1024
Right clicking My Computer shows 1.00 gb
Dxdiag shows 1022 as does my benchmarks....

I have since checked on Futuremark comparing systems and many more on there show memory as 1024 1022 and even 1021.

So I think all is ok.

As ever many thanks for taking the time for the advice.

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