Am I Losing my Hard Drive?

  sorceror7374 18 Aug 12

I recently started having i/o errors relating to one of my internal hard drives when using a torrent program. After which the file system wouldn't read the drive. The next morning after switching on the drive read fine so I quickly went about moving everything off of it. The drive would again fail after a while and I would repeat the process the each morning until I had everything off of it. I did notice that a few files took a very long time to transfer as it was obviously having problems.

Does this sound like the hard drive is completely dying or would a hard drive scan blocking off bad sectors allow me to keep using it?

  KRONOS the First 18 Aug 12

I would play safe and replace the drive.I think you have had plenty of warning that you have problems with it and to be honest it is not worth the risk. Keep it as a spare by all means and play around with it but in my opinion it is not worth the risk using it regularly.

  rdave13 18 Aug 12

I agree with Chronus. I use SpeedFan as a general check on hard drives. Under the S.M.A.R.T. tab, select the drive. It will show the fitness and performance at the bottom. Just hover the mouse cursor for the percentages. You can run a short test but I prefer the Perform an in-depth online analysis of this disk. A new page opens with the recommendations for the drive.


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