Am I just unlucky?

  Murray 18:39 11 Sep 03

I was having trouble accessing a website and I thought that Zonealarm was stopping me, so I closed it down and within about a minute, Avast Antivirus had found a virus in one the system files. so I restarted and ran a full scan at bootup - that sorted it.

I am just curious as to why I received the virus. I had not looked at any emails, I was on and HSBC I think. could zonealarm have stopped this?

Th other reason I ask is because zonealarm is constantly reporting it has blocked access to my computer - the most recent one:
The firewall has blocked Internet access to your computer (ICMP Echo Request ('Ping')) from

Time: 11/09/2003 18:39:08

since logging on 22 minutes ago, I have received 392 of these warning, is this normal? I remember a few years ago when I first installed Zonealarm I might get one or two blocks in a single session.

  citadel 18:47 11 Sep 03

I only get a few warnings a week. I would never disable anti-virus when on the internet.

  The Idle one 18:53 11 Sep 03

I think that you need to disable the warnings - Th f/wall / avirus works in the background.
The warnings are only to make u paranoid.

  -pops- 19:10 11 Sep 03


BT Research at Martlesham heath

  -pops- 19:12 11 Sep 03

I agree with The idle One.

I assume your ISP is BT.

  Stuartli 19:41 11 Sep 03

The vast majority of the "warnings" from ZoneAlarm are of no significance whatsoever, perfectly acceptable and should be ignored - the virus is most likely to have come in an e-mail and your AV has clearly caught it.

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