Am I being spied on?!?!?

  LongTallTed 17:54 19 Jan 08

My home PC is connected to the Internet via 1.5mb ADSL wireless router and is running Norton Antivirus / Internet Security on Windows XP Home.

Okay, I turn on the computer today and during the Windows boot up, the printer chucks out a page, on which is printed what looks like a log of what I've been typing in Internet Explorer, presumably by some type of Spyware (as yet undetected...).

Example of what it shows on the printout:

19:35:25: (00:00:11/00:00:11) Internet Explorer (Longtallted) {Welcome to Facebook! | Facebook - Microsoft Internet Explorer}
19:31:35 (00:03:12/00:03:47) Internet Explorer (Longtallted) {Google - Microsoft Internet Explorer} facebook ENTER>>

So, looking at the time stamps, it shows that I typed facebook and Enter in Google to find the Facebook website (of which I am a user), then typed in my password (I changed that, it's not really mercury!).

I couldn't believe it when I read it - does anybody know what software might produce this type of output? Why did it come out of my printer when I powered up the PC? How can I check that I am safe?!?!

Any help, massively appreciated.

  MAJ 18:01 19 Jan 08

Sounds like you have a keylogger on board. Don't you use any antispyware software like Spybot Search and Destroy, Adaware, SuperAntispyware, etc. Suggest you download some, install, update and run scans.

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