Always on ?

  karmgord 09:48 17 Feb 03

I know broadband is supposed to be always on but does it have to be? I am thinking of getting NTL cable broadband (usb modem ) but dont want a wire trailing arond the room to the phone point.Can I disconnect the wire when not using the internet ? what about logging on ? Hope all makes sence

  letitbleed 10:04 17 Feb 03

No you don't need to connected at all times,logging on is just a click & then you're online

  accord 11:05 17 Feb 03

NTL BB is always on, even when the computer is switched off the lights on the cable modem are still flashing away.

Karmgord: i would use the ethernet option if you have it on your pc, its alot easier to install.

  calwyn 11:03 19 Feb 03

the ntl cable modem is a type of network box. It is connected to the internet perenantly (hence flashy lights etc), but you can unplug from your PC, or just unplug the cable modems power lead as required. I don't think that its much different to your electric supply, this is always on, but you can still turn off your lights without the need to run down to the fuse box, and pull the fuses . . .
Always on does mean that you dont have to wait for your equiptment yo dial before you connect, and that antivirus software can update at will. I would recoment a firewall software of some description though.

  jazzypop 11:37 19 Feb 03

The cable modem will not be connected to your phone point. When NTL install it, they will run a wire from the street, through to a location close to your PC, where you will have a small wall-mounted box. A cable will run from that box to your cable modem.

If you already have an NTL set-top box to view TV, you will usually have a cable from there to your PC.

I have only seen one NTL installation where loose-laid wires were used - they are generally very neat and professional when they install.

If wires are a serious concern for you, you can connect wirelessly (but this will cost an additional £100-150).

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