An alternative to Zone Alarm firewall please

  gel 07:33 06 May 09

I have recently in stalled Zone Alarm(free) as my firewall but get problems deciding which pro grammes can be trusted
Is there a free Firewall which will decide the trusted pro grammes for me?

  stlucia 07:53 06 May 09

I recently switched to Comodo click here after a few problems with ZA (can't remember now what they were).

So far, no problems with it. It allows me to accept or reject internet connections, and maintains a database of your preferences.

  ened 07:56 06 May 09

You could always start out with OE & IE and then add others as and when you need them.

I have used Windows Defender for 18 months with no trouble apart from the occasional annoyance when it asks me if I want to 'continue'.

I should add that in an on-line test my machine was virtually invisible so it must be doing it right.

  birdface 08:01 06 May 09

Kerio Firewall .No pop-ups asking if you want to allow or deny programs.Just works the same as Windows Firewall.You want the trial version if you decide to use it.
I have used it for about 4 years with no problems and no pop-ups.

click here

  gel 09:09 06 May 09

Thank you all very much for your quick responses.
Could I ask buteman if the trial version is free and then a payment is needed?

  birdface 09:28 06 May 09

You get the full version for a month and if you don't want to buy it it will revert to the free version.
If you download it just follow the instructions and let it download in simple mode.

  john bunyan 09:39 06 May 09

I endorse stlucia reccomendation of Comodo. Free and also reccmended by my local repair shop.

  brundle 09:46 06 May 09

FYI Kerio in Simple Mode only checks incoming traffic. From the manual

"Kerio Simple Mode
• Simple — In simple mode, the firewall allows all outgoing communication (i.e. accessing the
web) and blocks any incoming communication (i.e. web sites or hackers trying to access your
computer). Network settings are automatically assigned to your computer and the system
security feature is disabled. This means that you will not receive alerts that ask detailed
questions that might require you to have more advanced computing and/or computer
networking knowledge. Simple mode is set by default and it is recommended for those less
knowledgeable about computer and computer networking.
If you have advanced knowledge of computers and/or computer networks, you can change
the settings to a more advanced mode after the installation is complete.

  Stuartli 10:05 06 May 09

>>You could always start out with OE & IE and then add others as and when you need them.>>

These are e-mail and browser programs respectively, not firewalls.

Like stlucia I've been using Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware) for several months now with complete satisfaction; I gave up ZoneAlarm after many years' use as Comodo was revealed to be superior.

If you want to check your system's security levels, go to:

click here

  Stuartli 10:08 06 May 09

I've just done a Shields Up! check on my system - it's revealed to be absolutely secure at present.

  ened 10:38 06 May 09

I know very well what those programmes are!

I was addressing his point about 'apparently' having to let everything through the firewall individually.

PS: I've just done a check and I too am totally secure and all I use are Defender and Avast (For anti-virus).

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