alternative to visualisations in WMP

  cliffoa 17:52 20 May 06

Can anyone tell me there's an alternative to playing the graphic visualisations and album art in the display panel, when I'm listening to music. Could I display a slideshow of my favourite images, for instance. (I don't mean a slideshow set to music. I mean something visual to display in the background while I'm listening to music. I find the graphic visualisations boring. If anyone can advise, cheers.

  cliffoa 17:53 20 May 06

I forgot to say, I mean in Windows Media Player. (10).

  SANTOS7 17:58 20 May 06

click here
you can create your own..

  SANTOS7 18:07 20 May 06

click here
there are some plugins here

  ade.h 18:12 20 May 06

My alternative is to turn the annoying things off, but each to their own, I guess.

  cliffoa 22:11 20 May 06

Hey Santos, thanks for the link. I downloaded Picture Viz II, which lets me play photos or any other images I like from my pc. It's like having a slideshow going in the background, whatever music you're playing, which is exactly what I was after. Cheers mate.

  GaT7 22:16 20 May 06

You may want to try WMP 11 (beta), which is now available at click here. G

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