Alternative to System Restore?

I've recently got my computer crash after installing a crappy piece of software.

I know which software is causing the problem, but that has been installed so long ago.

Is there an alternative to system restore that can roll back the system weeks or even months? I assume that I should have it already installed at the moment I installed that software?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 03 Feb 11

Make and model

Factory reset will put it back to the day you got it.
Only if you have a system with a preinstalled operating system, you may also have been asked or given recovery disks.

dell vostro 1700

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:24 03 Feb 11

click here

back up all the files and documents BEFORE you start as it will wipe everything and put it back to the day you got it.

thanks fruit bat

  Woolwell 19:32 03 Feb 11

Have you tried uninstalling the software with Revo click here

  Woolwell 19:32 03 Feb 11

Or the correct link click here

never used Revo. I might give it a try.I've tried the free version of Rollback Rx and seems impressive. It looks very fast (just did a test restore and looked and the disk space before and after - it's great)

Another question. Is there any tool that can track anything that a software install and changes (files, registries, etc)? and then do a complete uninstall. When I mean complete I mean ALL (registry, hidden files, keys and so on)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:49 03 Feb 11

Yes Revo will do that

  john bunyan 20:17 03 Feb 11

"Is there an alternative to system restore that can roll back the system weeks or even months?"
I would get Acronis True Image and make regular backups. I have my main HD partitioned, with programmes / OS on the C: drive of 100 Gig. I make regular images of this on another drive. My data (My Documents) and e Mail is on a data partition and I make regular "mirror" or "echo" copies using Synch Tor or Freefilesynch.You do not state your OS - W7 has a backup facility, but I prefer ATI. Programmes and OS have to be backed up with an image or clone programme like ATI.

the OS is win7.

for data backup I use Personal Backup, which is free and great.

Looking online for a comparison of system restore products I found this interesting comparison: click here

RollBack RX seems to be the winner. I was not able to find a comparison between it and Acronis thou.

Any thoughts?

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