Alternative to Outlook?

  450223 06:26 19 Jun 06

I find (even with broadband) the five minute 'time out' is not long enough in Microsoft Outlook is there a good reliable alternative please

  Taff™ 07:16 19 Jun 06

What do you mean by the "five minute timeout" - what are you trying to do?

  EARLR 07:32 19 Jun 06

Get Firefox

  450223 07:54 19 Jun 06

I need to send JPG's high res adverts to glossy magazines 10MB+ in size... can't use/don't want to use the likes of Winzip as the emails and attachments are of course going to Apple Mac machines! and I must retain the highest quality image the other end!

Firefox is a web browser not an email client (or am I missing some thing)?

  octal 08:08 19 Jun 06

I think EARLR meant to say Thunderbird click here but that won't get ariund the problem of sending such large attachments.
Have you thought of using an alternative way of doing it? Something like You Send It click here what happens is you upload the attachment to a web site along with the recipients email address, the recipient receives the email from you with a link to download.

  wee eddie 08:09 19 Jun 06

There are many legitimate File Sharing sites to which you could upload your pictures.

Then all you need to do is to post a link.

Outlook may not be your limiting factor. Your Antivirus checking the outgoing mail and limitations on file size set by your ISP could also be involved.

Better check those before you dump an otherwise reasonable system.

  octal 08:09 19 Jun 06

ariund?? Another new English word? It should read around.

  Taff™ 08:10 19 Jun 06

Are you sure your ISP allows 10MB+ attachments to be sent. Mine has a limit of 3MB. I seem to remember that my ad agency used FTP for these sizes of files.

  EARLR 09:40 19 Jun 06

Yes ment t-bird, to early in morning; sorry

  Woolwell 10:54 19 Jun 06

What is your upload speed? A lot of ISP's actually only offer 256kps for upload. A large file to upload can therefore take some time compared to download.
File sharing sites or FTP are a good resource but there are times that transferring the file to a memory stick or even burning it to cd and posting it ends up as the way to manage large files especially if you have an unreliable connection for speed.

  €dstowe 11:15 19 Jun 06

We do a lot of work for "glossy magazines" and would never think of sending anything for them via email, except perhaps, a few corrections to some text.

All ISPs have a size limit on email uploads but, apart from that, we have found that it can take several attempts to send large (but acceptable size) attachments without error. Like the others, I am confused by the expression "five minute 'time out'".

When we were based in London, we would employ one of the multitudes of cycle couriers for transproting work. Now, out in the styx, one of the juniors is a keen motorcyclist so we have a company motorcycle (Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R) which gets used almost daily for ferrying disks to Central London or Kent and even more often to our clients more local to us.

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