Alternate antivirus programs on Windows 8

  MikeSA 23 May 13

Windows 8 comes with a built-in antivirus program viz. Windows Defender. For normal use, is this program sufficient or is it advisable to have an alternate program? If so, which is better?

  rdave13 24 May 13

At first Avast! had a few problems with Windows 8 but now everything has been sorted. I find it better than AVG as I tried that when Avast were sorting out teething problems.

Defender does a job but I'm not really happy with its performance.

For me Avast! free is my first choice, CNet link. When you download and start installing, check what other programs are offered and if you don't want them installed untick the boxes from the lower to the upper. You will have to register with your email address for a year's free licence.

Second choice is AVG free, scroll down for the free download link, again check when installing if you don't want another toolbar/program installed to untick any boxes. You'll need to register as above.

Lastly it's Defender I'd go with as your PC will run faster than with any other AV paid for or otherwise. Manually scanning the PC fully is abysmally slow, though, compared to the other two.

Add free Spywareblaster, free Malwarebytes (refuse the time trial), and free Superantispyware, and you're done.

Safe browsing comes free :)

  Britleyjosh 31 May 13

Opting for best internet security could be a right choice.. I am the user of comodo internet security (CIS).. it's really awesome Features: Comodo Antivirus Cleans Malware Comodo Firewall Protection Defense+ Host Intrusion Protection Auto Sandbox Technology™ Live Expert Virus Removal Actually i choose comodo from AV Test link which i got while i am surfing in internet.. i am really satisfied for choosing the best internet security...:).. I highly recommended CIS.

  john bunyan 01 Jun 13

I agree with rdave13's penultimate paragraph. For anti virus I use Avira (free).

  TimeTimer 06 Jun 13

Avast and AVG free versions.

  TechnoNinja 07 Jun 13

if you want a free one, use MSE and malwarebyte together along with zonealarm for a pretty good protection thats free. If you want to pay for a good one, get bitdefender if your computer is fast enough because it does take up a lot of resource.

  nickf 10 Jun 13

I use bitdefender , with malwarebytes . I would strongly recommend NOT running two AV programs at the same time tho , can really screw things up !


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