Allowing user to change font size on website

  HighTower 13:46 25 Feb 09

I read an interesting blog article regarding allowing users to change the font size of websites via a link on the page. One side of the argument was that this is a good thing as it aids accessibility. The other side was that the developer preferred to educate users into how to change the font size via their web browser as this would be a technique that would work on all sites.

Most scripts I have seen that allow the user this flexibility are written in javascript. If this is the case then does this defeat the object by offering additional accessibility only if javascript is enabled? The alternative would perhaps be a php stylesheet switcher which would work regardless.

So, it's either none at all (but use the browsers built in feature), a javascript method or a php stylesheet switcher. Or, something completely different!

Which would you guys use / not use and why?

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