Allocating IRQ to video card

  helmetshine 17:52 29 Jun 03

I have a Radeon 9800 pro in a Asus A7V333 m/board with an award bios rev 1015 O/S is win xp home.When i run sisoft sandra it tells my that the video card doesn't have an IRQ assigned to it.When i go into device manager and check resources by type ,,IRQ shows that IRQ 16 is assigned,but that shows as pci not agp.Also in view by devices my card shows twice,once as agp and then as pci- secondary.If there is a prob here can someone please tell me how to fix it,and if i need to allocate an IRQ,how to do that as i have no idea at all

  jazzypop 18:34 29 Jun 03

If it is working, leave it alone. Sisoft Sandra is getting long in the tooth now, and will often mis-report newer hardware.

  helmetshine 19:12 29 Jun 03

cheers jazzypop...i'll do as you suggest as it does seem to be working ok

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