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For all Virgin.net users, well, anyone really...

  Fateful Shadow 17:11 13 Apr 04

I use Outlook 2000 to recieve my e-mail from Virgin.net, and I've got a slight problem. Being out in the country, we haven't got BB access yet (we're getting there though!) and I'm still on 56k.

My brother who has BB has sent me 3 e-mails of 3 very large picture files, and they're all the same (yes, he got impatient and started hitting "Send" a lot!) and I don't want to go online just for recieving 3 of the same thing.

I know it is possible in AOL having used it before, but is there any way you can go to Virgin.net and see what e-mail you have and delete it before you download it onto your computer via Outlook?

Thanks :)

  johnnyrocker 17:18 13 Apr 04

click here and providing you have a pop mail a/c just enter your e mail address and password and bobs yer uncle.


  Fateful Shadow 17:29 13 Apr 04

Do you or anyone else use it? I'm unsure about giving my password out as it's not just my account but the family account. And if anything goes wrong with it (even if I haven't touched a computer in a few days) guess who gets the blame :P

Thanks for the suggestion...might give it a go :)

  Dave Bowman 17:31 13 Apr 04

Or try click here

As johnnyrocker said, all you need is a POP mail account, your address and email password.

You can also use TELNET but the above method is much easier.


  johnnyrocker 17:32 13 Apr 04

quite safe but you will have to use it in an othere means if you want to access your server mail box. you could always change your password if concerned.


  Dave Bowman 17:33 13 Apr 04

Just seen your last post, I use it at work to check my mail, no problems. It also supports https
click here

  Andybear 18:09 13 Apr 04

Another way is using Mailwasher. It's a programme you have on your computer and you can view the emails on the server and once you are happy, you can simply download the one(s) you want and delete the one(s) you don't.

click here

  Fateful Shadow 18:21 13 Apr 04

I've used mail2web and it has helped a lot...thanks :)

As for mailwasher, I might give that a go, but at the moment I'm happy with Mail2Web.

Thanks for the suggestions :)

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