all ports closed

  grizzley 13:17 17 Dec 07

can somebody help me with a problem that i am having since reinstalling my operating system.

i have found that all ports are closed on my system which is slowing down my downloads a lot,i have looked at port forwarding website but i do not understand it, i have a modem only and do not use a router. i have a virgin media modem 255 thats all th info on the modem, Ethernet connection, windows firewall turned off, ashampoo firewall in place and working. tried different ports but all closed,used a port scanner to double check and confirms every port i can think off is closed. even port 80 which my firewall uses as a default. until the re-install everything worked fine so do not know what the cause is. can anyone help me it is driving me mad.

all help is appreciated.

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