all in one printers v single printer

  trying 11:53 07 Nov 03

Hi There
Any advise from experienced PC users on which very FIRST printer to buy. Should I just buy the basic inkjet or plump for the All in one- printer/scanner/copier?
Any advise very welcome

  Diodorus Siculus 12:12 07 Nov 03

It all depends on what you want to do with it and whether you will also make use of a scanner.

Decide what you want from the printer: photos etc will require a good quality inkjet whereas bulk printing of documents will suggest the use of a laser printer.

  tenplus1 12:13 07 Nov 03

Combination Printers with Scanner / Copier features are just as good as single components, only they take up much less space and give you the same quality you'd get from a standalone printer / scanner...

Lexmark and Hewlett Packard are really good on this side, especially for their under ?100 models...

  recap 12:14 07 Nov 03

Personal preference here I think. You need to weigh up your requirements. Do you need a scanner? Do you need a copier? Are you limited for space? Is an all-in-one within your budget? If the answer to these questions is yes then go for an all-in-one. If not then go for a basic ink jet printer. In both cases remember to take into account the cost of replacement cartridges.

  dth 12:20 07 Nov 03

I always think of the the combined washing machine / tumble dryer example. If one is knackered - they both are!

  wee eddie 21:33 07 Nov 03

Individual units, each chosen on it's merits, will get you better results and almost certainly be cheaper to run.

  mammak 21:42 07 Nov 03

dth good point, bit like a combi TV/Video. yep got to agree with this good fellow, one goe,s then what happen,s to the rest???? saying that i have got one lol an the printer is up the creak not long i would think before the scanner and copier go,s as well.

  madPentium 21:43 07 Nov 03

I have been to customers who have combined units and had lots of problems. The HP office jets, the lexmark combines etc. Its mainly due to software problems though.

  A_World_Maker 21:46 07 Nov 03

I've heard/read that some combo's drink ink. Jack of all.. master of.......

  dotterel 21:51 07 Nov 03

Although I use an all in one (tiny cottage!) I'd prefer to use separates. I've had both hardware and software problems which have meant that I couldn't use the printer because the scanner component was playing up and vice versa.

  Pesala 22:34 07 Nov 03

Laser printing is much faster, and usually cheaper. I have three gadgets. A laser printer, which I use all the time, a colour printer which I use occasionally, and a scanner that I use once in a blue moon. Go for a budget laser printer for long term value for money first, and add the other bits when you really need them.

If you don't intend to do much printing, a multifunction device is a good compromise, but be aware that it is a compromise. Expensive to run, jack of all trades, master of none.

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