all-in-one printer that can print directly to cd?

  tleibroc 20:19 03 Jun 03

I want to know if such a printer exists.. I'm about to buy an all-in-one, but would also like the "print directly to cd" feature.


  otubby1 20:48 03 Jun 03

What do you mean by - "print directly to cd"??

  spuds 20:54 03 Jun 03

Could be wrong, but I do not think there is a printer that can do that. Perhaps scan into a programme then onto a cd may be possible, but not direct.

  Lionheart™ 20:55 03 Jun 03

Epson 950 will print directly onto CD.

  Lionheart™ 20:59 03 Jun 03
  wee eddie 21:11 03 Jun 03

I have copied this from the site above.

Print Directly Onto CD
Cataloguing your CD stored digital images has never been easier with the Direct CD face printing utility. With no special sticker media required, professional quality personalised CD’s can be created quickly and efficiently on your desktop. Also ideal for small businesses, education (or just for fun!) setting up a personalised CD is a simple process thanks to the CD software bundled with the Stylus Photo 950.

This means that you can stick a CD in the printer and it comes out with a pretty picture on it.

I think that 'tleibroc' means that he wants to write his pics to a CD, direct from the printer.

  otubby1 22:08 03 Jun 03

I may be missing something here but unless I am very much mistaken, a printer is an 'output' device, not 'input'. You send TO the printer not FROM it?

So therefore, tleibroc CAN'T write his pics to a CD from a printer.

  otubby1 22:10 03 Jun 03

Unless he means SCAN to the CD from an All-in-one.

  DieSse 22:21 03 Jun 03

No - he means print onto a CD (as opposed to printing onto a label which you then stick to a CD)

As per the link given for the Epson 950, which apparently can do so.

Though I think finding an all-in-one that can do it s a tad optimistic - I'm quite surprised to even find a printer that does it!

  broggs 22:23 03 Jun 03

he means print the cd label directly onto the cd.
p.c. world do an epsom for about £180

  otubby1 22:28 03 Jun 03

It must take some doing getting it through the rollers in one piece...LOL :)

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