All in one PC

  tonymcdonn 12:10 19 May 10

"HI" all, Has anyone bought an all in one PC? I'm thinking of buying one and would like some advice about it from someone who has got one. Thanks Tony.

  EARLR 12:16 19 May 10

I will be following your thread with interest.
Have looked as MSI windtop 2220. Looks good but expensive.

  tonymcdonn 14:37 19 May 10

Yes, i have looked at it too,but some people on the Forums I have read have said they have had some trouble with them.

  wiz-king 15:41 19 May 10

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Sony VAIO L Serie. It is touch screen.

  john 52 19:43 19 May 10

I am in the same position as you !! They say the market for all in ones will increase this year .
So far I have looked at the Sony Vaio VPC-L12M1E/S Desktop PC with 24 Inch Screen which looks an okay spec
The Acer Aspire AZ5610 Desktop PC with 23.3 Inch Screen looks a nice computer but I am worried about the reliability and customer support of Acer
I have also looked at the Dell all in one but I am left totally uninspired by it .. I am considering an iMac very seriously as I think it would serve my needs with what I do on a computer and is about the same price as the Sony

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