All my hard drive space gone minished? HELP PLZ

  Andy-Roo 21:22 28 Dec 07

i got a ibm think pad and when i got sky broadband, i had lots of problems connecting and wad told to reinstall windows xp, so now 25.6GB out of 37.2GB of my hard drive is used on nothing, i got no photos, music or films on my laptop, no games or other programs, nothing, yet more than half of my hard drive is taken up (on the pie chart thing in hard drive properties)

i have the 2002 version of xp and have never had this problem before, i was told maybe that i now have just installed xp again and not reinstalled it over it

im not the greatest at pc type stuff so please someone help


  Technotiger 21:31 28 Dec 07

Try a System Restore - though only a slight possibility of finding a usable Restore Point, I guess anything is worth a try.

  Fraser257 21:39 28 Dec 07

Did you just reinstall Windows XP or did you reformat the hard drive? If you didn't reformat, it's a possibility that the old installation is still lurking on the hard drive.

  cream. 21:51 28 Dec 07

and run this free program click here tree size free.

It will tell you where all your space is being taken. Although it sounds like Fraser257 is correct and you have installed windows over the old version.

Do you have a full windows operating system disk, a restore disk or a restore partition to install windows.

  Andy-Roo 22:14 28 Dec 07

i cant do a format, it just keeps saying that a program is using the drive and nothing else is open, maybe the program is windows and i cant close that, System Restore didn't work ether, i got everything backed up on cd so i dont mind just wiping everything and starting again, i have the full windows disk, if the other windows is lurking around how do i get rid of it?

  Technotiger 22:25 28 Dec 07
  cream. 22:39 28 Dec 07

Put theXP disk into the cdrom drive, turn off the machine and restart it. It should say

* press any key to continue *

If it does, press the key and start the new installation of windows. After you get to a page to accept the agreement by pressing F8, this is the page to format the hard drive. Wipe it with a full format.

If it does not give you

* press any key to continue *
Post back for further details.

A guide on how to install windows. T

click here

  Andy-Roo 16:26 02 Jan 08

i did it and its all sorted, thanks for the help

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