All icons end with extention .lnk

  indego 21:18 01 Aug 14

Hi, I am running Win7 desktop. A friend gave me a 2gb memory stick with music files on. I opened the files and dragged them over to my music folder. When I clicked one of the files, wmp wouldn't play it or any of them. I got the message >Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file. I tried web help but haven't found a fix. All help appreciated.

  Woolwell 22:24 01 Aug 14

What size are the files? I suspect that your friend may have put links on rather than the actual music.

  lotvic 00:10 02 Aug 14

Look at the files on the 2gb memory stick and tell us what the file extensions are on there. They probably should be MP3 or wma files.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:37 02 Aug 14

Delete the files ending .lnk

Right click the files on the stick and select copy

navigate to the music library and right click and select paste.

  indego 11:35 02 Aug 14

Thank you Woolwell and lotvic for your response. The music plays in wmp. To do this I click Start/Music where the Music Library opens. I then open the folder where the music from the memory stick is and play at random any tune or song I wish. The details of the music on the stick are 1.78GB free of 1.86GB. There 40 songs and tunes, which are part of a learning programme. It would be quite time consuming to give a size of each individual piece, but the shortest is 0.99MB while the longest is 3.50MB.

To the left of each piece of music is a dog-eared page with a blue musical note on it and under that are the letters wma.

Further investigation has revealed something I don't understand at all. When I click Start, all the icons have a dog-eared page with a video/movie type icon and a musical note. This also applies when All Programmes is clicked. All programmes have the extention .lnk

I have tried System Restore as a solution but that doesn't work. Restore goes through the process, but finally says that a restore didn't take place. To open System Restore (the icon can't be used) I click Start and key in System Restore, which opens up all the options associated with System restore.

Thank you in advance for a solution to this problem

  rdave13 12:11 02 Aug 14

Have a look at this article, click here.

  lotvic 16:07 02 Aug 14

Your posts seem to contradict each other, first you say the files won't play then you say they do.

Please can you explain clearly the problem.

I'm beginning to think you might have what is known as the 'autorun shortcut virus' but the way you have explained the problem, the symptoms don't quite fit with that scenario.

  indego 21:03 03 Aug 14

Thank you rdave13, the link worked fine. All icons referred to have now been restored. To lotvic. Because the wmp icon was showing .lnk as were all icons, wmp would not play anything when clicked, but came up with the massage in my first post. Now, if I click Start/Music the library opens and I can play the music in there, as my previous post states.

  rdave13 21:34 03 Aug 14

indego I'm happy it worked. One thing to remember is that malware and Viruses can be transported via USB devices even from a friend and the friend might not know that there is an infection.

I'd scan the memory stick and if anything found I would certainly advise your friend of whatever you may find.

If you borrow any external drive then always cancel auto play and scan the drive.

Glad you're sorted anyway.

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