To all AOL Users

  Cesar 10:04 21 Mar 04

The new release of AOL 9.0 is now available, it's a better version than AOL 8.0 and more stable it's not fully complete as there are more downloads to come, go to AOL Keyword upgrade and get an idea of what it's like.

I'll give it a whirl. Whirled Wide Web, geddit?

  Cesar 10:11 21 Mar 04

yes I "geddit"

  John-259217 10:57 21 Mar 04

I`ve been running the US version for a while now and it does have a zappier look and feel to it, only time will tell how stable it is but it looks the part!

  CaleI 11:40 21 Mar 04

Not sure if your all in the US, but it dosent seem to be available in the UK yet. When I go to upgrade, it tells me it's 'COMING SOON' and wont be out until end of March.

I'm looking worward to video IM'ing

  ton 14:04 21 Mar 04

There was an option on the AOL homepage to apply for an early copy of AOL 9.

I applied for it and received it a couple of days ago (this is UK).

I did have a problem with version 8 not shutting down with Win98SE so I went back to version 7.

This new version (9) does seem faster with no problems yet.

  CaleI 19:06 23 Mar 04

Ok, it's been officially released in the UK today 23/3/04.

I'm downloading it now.. 20 mins on BB :)

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