Alignment when printing labels

  Cara2 27 Apr 11

I have asked this question before, months ago, but still have been unable to sort this one out - how to align text with labels, as I find it bloomin impossible!

The first couple of rows seem okay but then the rows go completely out of alignment, straying onto the next label. I have used the correct settings and have now tried two different printers - so am guessing my solution is somewhere with the computer.

I have just printed up letters suitable for window envelopes rather than print labels as it is driving me demented. Had to hand write my christmas cards envelopes last year also!

  Woolwell 27 Apr 11

Are you using Word? Which version? What is the Avery code for your labels?

It is absolutely vital that you get the right spacing and the parameters for the label correctly set up otherwise the rows get out of alignment.

  Cara2 28 Apr 11

Okay, I have tried both Word for personal use and more recently Sage Instant Accounting for business labels - same problem with both programs.

Sage doesn't give me an opportunity to give the label size, but with word it is J8161. As I say, it is strange the first rows are fine, but thereon it goes pear shaped!

  wee eddie 28 Apr 11

Assuming that the J8161 corresponds with the Label Type you are using.

Are you putting any Graphics, a Box or Lines on the label?

  wiz-king 28 Apr 11

If you don't need to do a lot of labels from a mail-merge or similar the buy a label printer like the Dymo


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