Alarm going on pc - help please

  learning slowly 12:50 02 Jan 05

My friend and I were doing an upgrade that didn’t go exactly to plan.

We were fitting a new dvd and cdrw drive but could not boot afterwards, so we unplugged everything except the hard drive.

The processor fan was also noisy so while the case was open we removed the fan and processor and gave them a clean.

We reseated the hard drive cable and booted into windows (98) but there is an alarm going constantly from the system, which windows volume control does not effect. It is a 2 tone alarm in banks of 6, 7, or 8.

The case is still off but it is not a case alarm as we have tried putting the case on.

Urgent help would be appreciated.

  Technotiger 12:56 02 Jan 05

Hi, sounds very much like overheating cpu - recheck, reseat and don't forget the gel!

  learning slowly 12:58 02 Jan 05

When We looked at the processor there was a messy white paste over it which we cleaned off.

Was this a mistake and how do we rectify it?

  Starfox 13:00 02 Jan 05

Does this alarm sound like a siren?if so it's either overheating as Technotiger describes or the fan faulty/running slow.Start up pc and ensure fan is rotating,is anything obstucting it.

  learning slowly 13:02 02 Jan 05

The fan is noisy, and we found a ball bearing on the floor, but that could have come from anywhere

  ACOLYTE 13:04 02 Jan 05

The messy paste was the heat compound,you need to apply some new and stop it overheating.

  Technotiger 13:04 02 Jan 05

Big mistake cleaning off paste - that is a coolant! You will have to get more paste. Do not run without paste.

  learning slowly 13:06 02 Jan 05

I'm off the my local pc store to get some paste.

Is there any special type I should get??

  ACOLYTE 13:09 02 Jan 05

Artic silver is very good but expensive,just depends what your local shop has in stock.

  ACOLYTE 13:10 02 Jan 05

click here

Shows how to apply the paste,may be worth a look.

  Never again 20:40 02 Jan 05

our local shop had nothing in stock, but I wasn't surprised as it was the big one on most high streets and retail parks. (I don't even like saying the name).

We have left the pc turned off and I am on my one now. The plan is to get some of this arctic silver from somewhere on Tuesday and proceed where we left off.

Any ideas?

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