AHHHHHH, Connecting two PC's

  Tonycablejr 20:44 17 Feb 07


i've got two Pc's that i am trying to 'network'. well by network, i've connected them via a patch cable!!!

The main one i have set to have an ip address of, as thats the internet pc, and the other, both with a subnet mask of

one is win xp home (1) and the other win xp pro (2)

they are both members of the same workgroup (called HOME)

they seem to connect ok and can both access the internet, but thats about it.

i can't ping each other, can't share out a printer (which alerted me to this problem) nore share files.

i'm not 100% sure what i have done wrong. the only things i can think of, is i have connected them wrong (which i don't think is the case otherwise the internet wouldn't work), or home and pro can't work together (again, why does the net work?).

if anyone can suggest anything or you need more info, please ask

thanks in advance


  Tonycablejr 21:05 17 Feb 07

change that, the 2nd PC is configured to automatically pick up an IP address... i have just realised for some reason it doesn't work with a static one.

  STREETWORK 21:16 17 Feb 07

On the PC which is connected directly to the router you need to set up file and printer sharing. The network appears OK as both can access the internet.

Search forums for this

  Tonycablejr 21:19 17 Feb 07

thanks, but i'm not using a router... i've got both PC's connected via a patch cable direct. i'm starting to think this is where the problem is.

Both have the same workgroup, and both have fie and printer sharing enabled.

but thanks for the reply.

  Tonycablejr 21:28 17 Feb 07

hang on, think i have it... i think its norton blocking my routing... i had this problem on another network i set up.

  STREETWORK 21:30 17 Feb 07

It could be Norton or the firewall you are running, disable the firewall first and see if this helps before messing with norton...

  Tonycablejr 21:31 17 Feb 07

yeah, turned norton filewall off and it now all works :)

  Tonycablejr 21:35 17 Feb 07

well it sort of works, but works well enough for the time being... just got to mess around with the firewall and see if i can get that turned on at the same time.

thanks for your help STREETWORK

  STREETWORK 21:36 17 Feb 07

OK Dokies...

  Tonycablejr 21:40 17 Feb 07

theres still a problem with computer one pinging computer two, but i can live with that for the time being

  Tonycablejr 21:48 17 Feb 07

its windows firewall blocking the second Pc by the looks of things

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