AGP Upgrade

  Foz1961 18:46 19 Aug 03

Can I upgrade my AGP from x4 to x8?

I am not sure of the make of the motherboard, I think that it is just motherboard. the model no is 830ch or 830cf (there is a picture of a spaceship over a city on the front!!). It uses the sis 730se chipset.

Any help would be apprecited

  goonerbill 18:53 19 Aug 03

no. the speed at which the AGP slot works at is set in the mobo. if ya want AGP 8x ya will need to get new mobo but if ya want to install an 8x agp graphics card in an 4x slot thats ok but it will not run at its full potential.

  Foz1961 19:02 19 Aug 03

will it be worth getting an 8x agp, even though it won't run at it's full potential, rather than a 4x graphics card. the reason i ask is because there is more memory on an 8x

  Paranoid Android 20:13 19 Aug 03

You will get better future proofing but relatively little difference in performance - even with the extra memory.

For example, typically 128Mb NVidia cards are only about 5% faster than their equivalent 64Mb cards, all other things being equal.


  mjw 20:18 19 Aug 03

I was actually going to ask a simalar question, and strangly I have the same motherboard. The make should be jetway. I wanted to know if any AGP graphics card if its up to x4 will work with this mobo as Ive never used a graphics card before as the graphics are onboard? In the manual fir this mobo it says "however due to the on board AGP slots supports n-vidia TNT series cards only. What does that mean? Thanks

  mjw 20:20 19 Aug 03

Oh and is there any websites which show what graphic cards are compatabile with mobos?

  Paranoid Android 22:26 19 Aug 03

You should be fine with any standard AGP2 card. It isn't a question of being compatible with the mobo, the compatibility comes from the AGP slot standard. 4X = AGP2.


  Foz1961 11:17 20 Aug 03

thanks to all who helped, I might as well future proof, will save money in the long term

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