AGP or PCI Slot

  mick 47 22:38 30 Jun 04

Dear Colleagues

I am running a system based on a MS-6368(v5.x) motherboard - a P111 (1.2GHZ) CPU, and a 60 gigabyte Seagate HDD. My OS is Windows XP Home, and I have a Sapphire Radeon 700 graphics card.I would wish to upgrade the graphics card - but I am unsure what is the difference between a graphics card with an AGP connection, or one with a PCI connection. Can anyone advise the best upgrade.

Thanks Mick Cowan

  Night Ryder 22:51 30 Jun 04

PCI or Peripheral Component Interconnect is now very much an out dated method of connecting these kind of devices.
AGP is a high-performance interconnect between the core-logic chipset and the graphics controller for enhanced graphics performance for 3D applications. AGP relieves the graphics bottleneck by adding a dedicated high-speed interface directly between the chipset and the graphics controller. I would choose an AGP graphics card for best performance.

  Night Ryder 22:53 30 Jun 04

Forgot to mention, as I am unfamiliar with your mother board check that is has an AGP slot. It is shorter the the other slots.

  Muckle 22:56 30 Jun 04

A quick look at the MSI website click here shows that your board doesn't have AGP - so I recommend PCI ;-)

  dfghjkl 22:56 30 Jun 04

if you have an agp slot on your board,usualy brown and only one of them,unlike pci that are usualy white and can have up to six on your board.
if you have an agp slot,use is designed for the graphics card and has a wider bandwidth so reduces bottlenecks.
if you dont play games you need a 9200 radion or fx5200,but if you play games a 9800 pro or fx5900 are needed to get the best of todays cards,tomorrows games will cost you £400 for a 6800 or x800 but that is a differant story

  Muckle 22:58 30 Jun 04

No I missed it - it has AGP x2 - sorry for misinformation

  woodchip 22:59 30 Jun 04

You also need to know what speed the AGP slot is. as It's a P3 1.2GHZ I doubt that it will go any faster than a AGP2 card. the AGP as a Brown slot with the card in it on the board. The one with the monitor cable connected to it

  Night Ryder 23:42 30 Jun 04

Very true, but a graphics card that is faster than the capabilities of your mother board will work. It just runs to the max premitted by the board. Worth considering if one of the future upgrades is a mother board.

  woodchip 23:46 30 Jun 04

Do not forget that AGP slot volts vary on mobo and can blow the card or mobo

  mick 47 23:54 30 Jun 04

Dear Colleagues

Thank you for your speedy advice on this matter.

Mick Cowan

  Night Ryder 00:09 01 Jul 04

Very true. Forgot to mention that point .. sory

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