agp or pci

  orian-uk 00:09 31 Aug 07

my computer has a msi kn8 neo2 platinum motherboard it has a agp slot and 4 pci slots the bottom one being orange in colour now i have 2 graphics cards one is a agp the other is pci does this mean i can use either of the cards in this mother board?, i would rather use the pci if poss as it is a better graphics card having ice cooling fitted, in the bios it says agp on and there is another listing below that saying pci off both of my cards have a 6 pin
block for the power supply and both cards are ati radeon

  hugh-265156 00:29 31 Aug 07

The board click here has an AGP slot so if you have an AGP graphics card this is the one I would use over PCI.

Usually graphics card performance only really comes into play if your playing games although it does help a bit if you have something with at least 128MB of ram on it if you do anything multi media. AGP will always out perform the PCI equivalent.

  hugh-265156 00:31 31 Aug 07

Now if its PCI-e you mean?click here

  keef66 09:48 31 Aug 07

I cannot imagine the PCI card would be better than the AGP card, unless of course you mean PCI-express, but you can't fit a PCI-express card into that mobo.

What are the 2 cards exactly?

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