SPARROW123 23:15 19 Dec 04

I am about to buy an AMD Athlon based system
to be used mainly for gaming. The processor will be the Athlon FX55 with 1024 Mb PC3200 DDR memory and the 256MB nVIDIA GeForce FX 6800 GT graphics card.

Based on this system would it be better for me to wait until AMD systems are released with the PCI format. With the graphics card above in mind, will there be a significant improvement to the speed and quality of the graphics via PCI or will improvents with PCI only come later when better graphics cards are released.

Any info on the above would be much appreciated.


  TomJerry 23:31 19 Dec 04

but, you difinitely got PCI with the system you mentioned

  SPARROW123 23:45 19 Dec 04

Sorry TomJerry, I didn't really make it clear but I have ordered a system that definitely has the AGP format with the NVidia FX 6800 GT graphics card.

If this card would be significantly better with the PCI interconnect technology I was going to cancel the order and wait until MESH release this format on their AMD systems. Mesh do sell this format at the moment on their Intel systems but not on their AMD based computers. I just wasn't sure if it was worth waiting until March when it will be released with Mesh.

  gudgulf 23:56 19 Dec 04

PCI express systems are not delivering their full potential just yet and the system you have in mind will be at the top end of the gaming spectrum for a good while yet.

You could wait for PCI express2 with DDR3 ram and 64bit multicore processor with a full 64bit o/s if you want(and you can put my name down on the list for this too) but what you suggest will make mincemeat of all current games.The only proviso to this is if you can aford a twin graphics card SLI set-up.This will make buying a pci express set-up worth considering, 600 quid of graphics card worth of considering!!!!!!!!!!!.

  SPARROW123 00:08 20 Dec 04

gudgulf, cheers for the advice. Based on what you have said it does seem that significant improvemnts on my system are probably a while away and also very expensive so I think I will proceed with my Mesh order.

I can always upgrade my motherboard and graphics card in about a year or two when PCI systems have settled in and their benefits come more into fruition.

Thanks again for the advice.

ps, looking forward to playing half life 2 but from what I have read I am definitely not looking forward to the installation !!!

  TomJerry 16:36 20 Dec 04

it is not only mesh. all AMD systems do not have PCI express support yet

  TomJerry 17:50 20 Dec 04

getting old now

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