To AGP or not to AGP

  DwayneDibbley 16:53 14 Mar 03

Can someonbe please tell me what the difference is between 8xAGP and 4xAGP

I'm looking at upgrading my graphics card (a 32MB GeForce 2. which is 4xAGP) to at least 128Mb.

The card I am looking at (PNY) has two versions - on is the GeForce 4 Ti 4600 128Mb at 4x AGP, but there is another Ti 4200/4800 128Mb at 8x AGP. The latter is also much cheaper.

Could I go for a the cheaper 8x AGP option even with only a 4x AGP slot on my motherboard? Or will it not be compatible? (I think I read somewhere that it would just work at 4xAGP?)

On another note, I also only have a 250W power supply on my PC. Many of the specs for these Graphics cards require 300-350W. Will I get away with 250W, or will I have to upgrade PSU aswell?


  ulrich 17:03 14 Mar 03

Are you going to upgrade your M/Board to 8xAGP, if not don't bother. I have a GF4200 card 64mb card which gives me a benchmark of over 10000 and this suits the games I play. As for the PSU I did seem to have problems, and since I upgraded to a 330w antec, I have had no problems.

I hope this is of some help.

  DwayneDibbley 20:20 14 Mar 03

OK, but can I still use an 8xAGP in a 4xAGP slot and still get 4xAGP performance?

The 8xAGP card is much cheaper than the 4xAGP for some reason (anyone know why?)

  Rayuk 20:38 14 Mar 03

You can get the x8 and it will run at x4 the 4200 is a cut down version of the 4600
the 4200 is a lot cheaper the 4800 is closer to the 4600 cost.
The difference in performance is negligible between agpx4 and 8.
Price performance many reviewers rate the 4200 as value for money.
Would think the 4200 and new power supply would be good way to go.

Hope you don't mind me suggesting that you take a look at the Radeon based cards as the latest models support DirectX9.

I could be wrong but I believe that the Geforce 4 cards do not have DX9 support so you may not be able to get the best out of forthcoming games.

The 8X cards should still work on a 4X board but as suggested above, the power supply may be a problem.

  DwayneDibbley 09:07 15 Mar 03

Thanks all!

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