agp not recognized

  lskiwlkr 01:21 12 Feb 06

I have a jetway motherboard, via p4x400 chipset, ati 9550 graphics card, 3.08 ghz cpu, 512 mb of pc2700 ram. in device manager, display adapters, it shows the 9550, but in properties, general, location it show it as pci bus 1, not agp. in the bios under integrated peripherals it has 'int display first' this is set to agp slot. how do i get the 9550 to show in the agp slot. cpu to agp gart driver is installed and current ati drivers installed.

  Belatucadrus 01:35 12 Feb 06

Don't worry about it, I've just checked two AGP equipped PCs, both working fine yet both state "PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0" in location. Both work as expected, neither has a PCI graphics card to cause confusion. Looks like one of Windows little foibles.

  Skyver 01:35 12 Feb 06

That's normal, don't worry about it.

  lskiwlkr 15:50 13 Feb 06

Then why when I run 3dMark 2003, in system info explorer, under display device, does it only recognize 118 mb agp ram and not the 256mb my card is.

  Skyver 15:56 13 Feb 06

What is your AGP aperture set at in BIOS?

  gudgulf 16:26 13 Feb 06

The figure for agp RAM in 3DMark03 is the agp aperture setting,not the memory on the card.

That is shown by the figures for Total Local video Memory and Total Local Texture Memory.

Everything is registering as it should!

  lskiwlkr 16:44 13 Feb 06

in bios the aperture is set to 256mb

  gudgulf 17:18 13 Feb 06

Drop the agp aperture setting to 128 or 64 Mb......use your benchmark programs to check which works best for you.

You do not need to reserve half of your RAM for the graphics card......My ATI x800xt doesn't need 256 Mb agp aperture setting.

Windows XP alone needs 256Mb minimum........if you really think you need 256 Mb aperture size,buy some more RAM memory.

  lskiwlkr 22:49 13 Feb 06

my bench marks are in the low 8000's. the smaller the agp aperture size the lower the 8000's.

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