AGP card stuck in slot :-(

  vaughan007 10:56 25 Jul 05

Hello all,

The agp card appears to be stuck in its agp slot.

I know the card was installed correctly because I did it.

But I am at a loss of how to get it out without breaking something and have no idea why its done this.

Any one have any ideas?


  Jdoki 11:12 25 Jul 05

Have you cheked that the little clip is undone on the back end of the AGP slot? These can be fiddly to get to, but usually need to be released before pulling the card out.

Do you get any movement at all if you (gently) rocks the card from side to side along the connector?

  vaughan007 11:40 25 Jul 05

Yes the clip is undone...but I have a feeling it might not be releasing properly for some reason.

I am going to have a proper examination of it later!

The card does indeed come unplugged at the front and it seems to be just the back that is refusing to the little clip does seem to be the most likely culprit.

I'll let u know how I get along later :-)

Thanks for the advice.

  Jdoki 14:09 25 Jul 05

Those clips can be a real pain to release - especially if the southbridge chip is located nearby, with a huge heatsink on top (as it is on mine)! :(

Good luck getting the card out!

  Stuartli 15:51 25 Jul 05

You have to push the rear end of the retainer (at least the one on my Gigabyte mobo) sideways and keep it there until the AGP card's retention slot area has been moved clear.

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