Agfa Scanners

  Southernboy 22:29 07 Aug 03

I have inherited my Dad's scanner for which there are no drivers for WinXP.

If I were to connect to a USB port, would WinXP find a driver in it's own library to enable me to use it.

  rev.bem 23:40 07 Aug 03

What model?

  Stuartli 00:10 08 Aug 03

I have an Agfa 1212u - I don't use XP but, if you go to:

click here

you will find out if XP drivers really are available. They are listed for the 1212u.

It is also possible to use Windows 2000 drivers with devices whilst using XP - worth a check.

  Southernboy 23:18 14 Aug 03

is the Snapscan e20. 02:07 15 Aug 03

ok on ME, should be the same with XP. Have you tried it? It wont do any harm to connect and try it.

  -pops- 06:19 15 Aug 03
  Southernboy 22:16 15 Aug 03

The link states a driver for W95 through XP. The same driver? If so, surely my existing driver for W98SE should work?

However, MS state I should not use my existing CD to install in XP.

I am confused....

  -pops- 07:14 16 Aug 03

Try the link. It may be a different (updated, universal) driver to the one on the disk.

I had a different model Agfa scanner where the 98 driver supplied on disk didn't on XP but the one on the website supposedly for 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP did work.

Set a restore point before you do anything - just in case.

  -pops- 07:16 16 Aug 03

BTW, you say that MS say that you shouldn't use your existing CD. Is this because of a non-certification message that comes up? If so, ignore it.

Even so, use the link rather than the disk.

  Mavisk 07:41 16 Aug 03

I've just installed agfa snapscan touch on win xp
which was previously on win 98.
When I ran the driver disc,it came up with an error,and wouldn't let me install,

So I just connected the scanner up,and xp found drivers
for it straight away, works great.

  Southernboy 16:14 10 Oct 03

You need ScanWise 2.0 software to work with XP. Unfortunately, this has ceased production with the cessation of the manufacture of scanners by Agfa. Agfa quoted me £15.50 just to burn a disc with this software.

However, given that scanners are so cheap these days, it is pretty easy just to buy a new one, which is what I shall do. I might even get better software with a new scanner!

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