eddie937 18 May 11

My computer is slowing down to a halt :( I've noticed my CPU is running at 99% and agent.exe is always running from 40%-99%. Would this cause a bubble to appear and tell me my virtual memory is low?

How do i get rid of agent.exe?

Im running Windows xp Home edition, AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ 2.00Ghz, 1.00GB of RAM

Your help in this situation would be appreciated


  Sparkly 18 May 11

Hi just searched it and found this if it helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18 May 11

Would this cause a bubble to appear and tell me my virtual memory is low?

Unlikely how much hard drive space do you have left on your system drive (c:)?

  wee eddie 18 May 11

Has the Windows File Cataloguing been accidentally been turned on, that is a notorious Memory Hog?

Is your Hard Drive becoming full, 1Gb Memory, although quite sufficient to run Windows XP will be relying on Virtual Memory for much of the time and if your HDD is quite full that that will be restricted?

  eddie937 21 May 11

Fruit Bat /\0/\ And wee eddie

Firstly I would like to apologise for the late reply.

I have 39 GB of free space on my hard drive.

I have 1GB of RAM and my virtual memory is set to:

Custom size: Initial size(MB) 2000 Maximum size (MB) 3000

Is this correct?

I still get the bubble coming up saying virtual memory is low

Thanks in advance


  eddie937 21 May 11


Thank you for taking time to search the internet for an answer. I tried speedupmypc but it wanted me to buy it before it would do anything. It said i had over 1000 errors. GULP.

Do you know if there is any freeware that can do the same as speedupmypc?




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