Again icons !

  podlod 12:02 18 Nov 10

Hi, every-time I go to the browser and look for a site that can enable me to have free icons for my folders, when I find something to my liking a large box appears with large letters stating that this is a very poor site and I may get a virus. For gods sake all I want is various icons for my folders? Any help would be grateful, thank you.

  lotvic 12:09 18 Nov 10

My advice is to stick to one thread click here and follow gengiscant's advice.

  cocteau48 12:24 18 Nov 10

You should have no trouble on this site:click here

.....49 pages to work through!

  podlod 10:21 19 Nov 10

Hi cocteau, thanks for the link, I am now clear of warning signs.

  cocteau48 16:03 19 Nov 10


more here click here

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