Again feedback needed

  AndySD 14:20 11 May 04

I have started a small forum for security personell and although the main site is accesable to all it is mainly a site for people taking a distance learning degree, that part is not visable. Can you just give the site a quick once over for me as I have been looking at it for so long I can no longer see the mistakes I am bound to have made.



  AndySD 14:23 11 May 04

Helps if I post the link

click here

  Taran 14:42 11 May 04

You've left a spelling error in the first block of text on your homepage:

"All we ask is you follow the rules and don't go out of your way to annoy other people particapting on the forums."

You have the word "participating" written as particapting. You might also want to try that section of text as a paragraph instead of with a line break. It may look a little better if it is separated from the text preceeding it, but it may also throw your layout all over the place, since you're using some pretty specific <div> and CSS controls in there.

The link on your left hand panel called "SecurityManagement Today" should possibly have a space between the words Security and Management.

Aside from that, first impressions are very positive. It's clear what the site is for, navigation seems logical and simple and it's easy on the eye - even to colourblind people like me !

Looing at your source code I'd say you could do with a lot more metatags, but so far so good.

  AndySD 14:49 11 May 04

Thank-you Taran

Changes made.

I am still learning css and must admit its fun. As for the metatags I will work on it. (Any Sugestions?)

  Taran 15:07 11 May 04

Use this:

click here

I always send my students here for an intro to metatags. It generates them in the order in which they should be used based on your own description and keyword input.

It will get you up and running straight out of the blocks, as well as saving me pages upon pages of typing...

  AndySD 15:29 11 May 04

Cheers again Taran

Metatags adjusted.

  AndySD 16:11 11 May 04

Thanks fourm member

Changes made.

  tomleady 10:01 12 May 04

i have a scroll bar at the bottom of my page. i'm on 1152x864 resolution, so you might want to get rid of that.

it looks smart and is easy to read. However the links that are in the paragraphs arnt to clear, so maybe an underline, or a easier to notice colour for the links?

  AndySD 23:02 12 May 04

Thanks tomleady

I dont know how I missed that. Took a while to sort....learnt a lot sorting it out. the Links I will look at tommorrow

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