After games: modem no work, windows no shutdown

  Kalitechnis 08:29 07 Mar 03

After my son has played one of his games, two problems occur:
the modem does not work
Windows (98se) does not close down..gets as far as the screen "Windows is shutting down".

My graphics card is a GeForce 2 GTS pro.

Resetting the computer resolves the issues.

Does any one know what is causing this, and how to rectify it?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


  recap 12:13 07 Mar 03

Try updating the driver for your graphics card.

If that doesnt work then try the following:

If it is only the one game, then I would suggest unistalling the game and see if it still happens, Kalitechnis. The game may be conflicting with other programs that are on your system.

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