Advise on upgrades, 3 yr old pc.

  George.adam 09 Jun 13

I've had this computer for the last 3+ years. I've bumped the ram up to 8gb but i'm just looking for some advise instead of just throwing money at components and hoping for the best.

OS: Windows 7

MB: Foxconn p55a

CPU: DDr3 2x4B Kingston Just realised when i bought these, they were originally a set of 4x4gb but i bought them as 2x4gb.

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5570

Ram: Intel Core I5 650

Power Supply: 450watt CWT (not sure how to find the information for this part)

Looking for some advice to make my system a little more up to date and more able to run current games higher than low settings. Anything is welcome. Cheers.

  rdave13 09 Jun 13

Chronos the 2nd would be better at this so I hope he sees it. Your RAM and CPU listing is mixed up :)

My view would be to upgrade the PSU and graphics card.

  Chronos the 2nd 09 Jun 13

I think rdave13 has pretty much got it right, an upgrade of your graphics card would be the way to go and I suspect a decent power supply, a 500-600W, would be a good move.

You have not stated what sort of budget you have it is difficult to be specific on component choices.

To your RAM if you had bought 16GB you would have wasted your cash, 8GB is more than plenty for the great majority of PC users.

  rdave13 09 Jun 13

While you're here have a look at this post. My feeling is buying a bundled mobo and better PSU.


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