Advice on switching email providers

  Garawa 15:29 03 Mar 10

Hi. Does anyone have any advice for switching email providers. I have had had the same provider for years and have so many emails it is difficult to remember where they are all from. Some are business associates that have contact details "in case they need to contact me".

Before we had the internet I had a tv based email address. The few emails I received I gave the new address to and NONE were changed over and were still sent to the old address until it was eventually switched off. I don't want this to happen again if I switch and, other than running the 2 side by side, I don't how how I will pick them all up.

Can emails be diverted to new address like mail can? I would be nice to clear all the spam though!

  MAJ 15:45 03 Mar 10

Open a Googlemail account, it's free, pretty good and it's spam filtering is excellent. You can still leave your other email account open and forward all messages from it to Googlemail.

  Batch 17:01 03 Mar 10

A few questions:

1. What is your reason for wanting to switch email provider?

2. How is your email currently provided? I.e. is your email service bundled in by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? If not, what?

3. How do you access your email (i.e. what software do you use)?

  lotvic 17:09 03 Mar 10

free to use gmx is my choice, it will do all you want (and more) click here

  GaT7 17:22 03 Mar 10

If you opt for another email provider, here are a more free choices with reviews: 'Top 17 Free Email Services' click here.

Btw I've been doing exactly what MAJ suggests for the last couple of years using Googlemail/Gmail. G

  Garawa 19:28 03 Mar 10

I use Outlook Express and use email addresses bundled with my ISP. Currently Sky have a fantastic bundle available making it faster, more benefits and cheaper as well! This would mean I lose my current address.

I don't like free ones because many places don't accept a free account email address. I also wouldn't pay the same amount per month just keep an address open. Free ones don't look as professional either.

So I want to change my ISP and keep my email address in a nutshell. As that can't happen, I want tips on how to provide a hassle free switch with as little disruption and loss of emails as possible.

  PalaeoBill 22:34 03 Mar 10

You need to talk to your existing ISP. Some ISPs will allow you to continue to pop e-mails from your existing e-mail address even when you change to another ISP, in this case you just pop mails from both the old and new ISP and send them via the smtp of the new ISP. Some ISP's will allow you to automatically forward e-mails to a new e-mail address when you leave them. You never know, you could get lucky.

The easiest way to deal with it however is to just set up a new e-mail account on your Outlook Express with your new ISP. Then e-mail everyone in your address book and inform them of your new e-mail address. Its job done then. If your address book is not up to date, you can write a filter to run through your old e-mails and add any missing addresses.

If your old ISP shuts down your account then anyone who sends mail to your old address will get them bounced. If its important they will find you.

  PalaeoBill 23:04 03 Mar 10

To mail everyone in your Address Book
click here

  Woolwell 23:14 03 Mar 10

I have a Googlemail account and haven't found a place that doesn't accept it.

  hastelloy 02:04 04 Mar 10

I have been using Hotmail for over 15 years and, like Woolwell have never found anywhere that didn't accept it.

  tullie 08:10 04 Mar 10

Are you saying that you pay for email?

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