Advice re ISP Complaints

  rins36 22:55 21 Jan 04

My ISP has cancelled my account as of today as they say i owe them money, i have repeatedly asked for a dd mandate as my bank requires one signed by me so they know its legit.

The ISP said that 5th Jan a mandate was sent out to me, I ranted a bit as you do & ended up speaking to a supervisor who said that mandates could not be sent out as they did not do this, I said well the guy I have just spoken to told me that one had been sent out. Rang ISP's complaints dept & they gave me another number which was incorrect

Is there anyone that deals with ISP problems if you do not get the answer from the ISP

thanks in advance

  johnnyrocker 23:01 21 Jan 04

depending on the isp you could try ofcom or your local cab.


  rins36 23:03 21 Jan 04

thanks where can i ge the address from for ofcom

  johnnyrocker 23:09 21 Jan 04

best bet a google search i think.


  woodchip 23:20 21 Jan 04
  beeuuem 23:22 21 Jan 04

This article makes interesting reading click here
Aparently there is no regulatory body for ISPs.
They prefer self regulation through the ISPA click here
Good luck

  johnnyrocker 23:24 21 Jan 04

ah but if the isp such as ntl/telewest they come under ofcom as they also provide telephony.


  beeuuem 23:38 21 Jan 04

Don't know what happened to first link -trying again!
click here

  rins36 23:56 21 Jan 04

cheers all for the postings, its BTYahoo that are giving me the problem
Its like talking to a brick wall all the time, they ask stupid questions like "do u use the internet" who is the isp etc etc
Repeat what you have already told them & cannot give a yes or no answer

rin who wants to find a reliable internet provider 24/7 till she decides who to have broadband with

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