advice re best webcam

  johnnyrocker 15:28 PM 08 Jul 11

any ideas? and what should i look for?


  Nontek 15:41 PM 08 Jul 11

IMHO by far the very best webcam is the Logitech Pro9000. I use it a lot.

  johnnyrocker 15:49 PM 08 Jul 11

thanks for advice i shall leave it open a bit longer


  johnnyrocker 16:04 PM 08 Jul 11

there seem to be a number of logitechs called pro, any specifics?


  Nontek 16:29 PM 08 Jul 11

Yes, as above the 9000.

  compumac 17:57 PM 08 Jul 11

Would agree with nontek Logitech Pro 9000

  onthelimit1 18:04 PM 08 Jul 11

Me too. Having said that, for casual Skype use, even the cheap ones work to a reasonable standard.

  johnnyrocker 21:06 PM 08 Jul 11

there seems to be several 9000 pro versions like business etc?


  johnnyrocker 22:12 PM 08 Jul 11

i shall close this now as no further options, but thanks to all


  Nontek 22:34 PM 08 Jul 11

Business option - that is just a sales-line ... there is no difference the Pro 9000 is the Pro 9000 full-stop. I have had mine for some years, all my friends wanting webcams have copied me!


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