advice on preparing for move abroad/internet

  edennorman 11:19 28 Jun 04


Has anyone found themselves in this position...I am moving abroad to France at the end of the year, I run several sites and would like to have an uninterupted internet service.
Has anyone any suggestions as to how I should proceed with signing up for a new connection in France before I actually go there?

Thank you.


  SANTOS7 11:30 28 Jun 04

click here this may help, good luck

  Dirty Dick 12:06 28 Jun 04

Don'w want to appear to be hijacking edennorman's thread, but I'm in the same boat, but going to Spain. Any advice please

  edennorman 12:18 28 Jun 04

I love this forum..
Thank you Santos7 that was a great link...everything I needd to know plus some.


  ardvarc 16:18 28 Jun 04

If you let me know the region you are going to I have a friend in France who moved over a couple of years ago and she said she will find out for you. I know that she had to buy a UPS because the electricity supply can be hit and miss. She is with She also asked if you want ADSL or dialup 24/7.

  edennorman 16:33 28 Jun 04

Thanks ardvarc

We are moving to an area between Bordeaux and Tolouse and about 30 miles South.
We will no doubt be on a dial up connection.

Is a UPS some sort of anti surge device?


  ardvarc 17:46 28 Jun 04

Dial up - I would suggest tiscali 24/7.

If he enters the location at
click here
b3fb913cb978 he will see if BB is available in his commune.

I would definitely invest in an UPS - both for iffy electricity supply and
for storms. I had a fried modem last year when I had a direct hit. I got
my UPS on the UK - a friend brought it over as they will not ship - it is an
APC and can be found on their web site.

I would also suggest that he obtains an external modem - and if he is using
XP, a serial port one. Speedcom V92 Ready - which is good - around 69 Euros
at most large supermarkets. I originally had a USB and it does not like XP!

  ardvarc 17:49 28 Jun 04

Take the space from http and www for link.

http ://www

It is Hope this helps.

  Sapins 18:21 28 Jun 04

UPS=uninterrupted power supply.

I'm in the South West of France (15yrs now) and I use Wanadoo, first dial-up and now Broadband 1.2mb for 35.90€ a month. I have only one problem, the connection is lost after 24hrs ans 6 seconds every time!, I am contacting Wanadoo to get it sorted, otherwise very satisfied with them. A Friend has Tiscali and has nothing but problems and a very slow dial-up connection, another friend had problems and changed to Wanadoo.



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