Advice on Possible Virus Attack

  Bagsey 10:24 31 Jan 04

This morning I had an email returned as undeliverable. It was supposedly sent from my computer but it was NOT. The reason it was not delivered was due to an incorrect spelling i.e. a Typo. The person to whome it was sent was my brother who spells his name NEIL and email was addressed to NIEL. My AVG is bang upto date (365)and found nothing. I have also run Housecall which said my computer is clear. Can anyone give me a clue as to what is happening here. Obviously I fear the worst but have no evidence of a virus being present. Is this an attack by someone hacking into my machine? If so how do I stop it happening again.
I run XP home, IE6 and outlook express. I am on BB.
Any help and advice gratefully received.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:30 31 Jan 04

There is more chance of hitting the lotto twice than being hacked on a home computer. Assuming that this does not re-occur and as your AV is up-to-date I would not lose any sleep over it. You may wish to d/l Stinger, from click here. If AVG, stinger and housecall have found nothing then you are OK.


  Bagsey 10:36 31 Jan 04

Thanks for you reply. I ran stinger some weeks ago for the Msblaster bug do I need to run it again, or am I likely to be still protected.??
Have you any idea what could have generated this incorrect email. I know that I didnt and it is correctly spelt in my address book? Wierd.

  leo49 10:39 31 Jan 04

See the many repetitive threads on the latest Mydoom virus - just relax and forget it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:40 31 Jan 04

It is probably a corruption from an infected email. As your AV is up-to-date there is no need to worry. It will do no harm to run Stinger but I guess it will find de nada.


  Bagsey 11:15 31 Jan 04

Thanks again, I have run Stinger as well and it has found nothing.
So I will sit here with my fingers crossed and hope that I can prove you at least partly wrong and win the lotto at least once. Cheers.

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