Advice please on PAYG dongle.

  john bunyan 29 Jul 12

I may have to be in a place with no wi fi for a while. I have a Laptop, and would like to get a PAYG wireless dongle so I can access the net and my e Mail. I would prefer no contract, and ideally one that allows unlimited use at so much per day. I believe about £2 a day might be available, which I would prefer to so much per Gigabyte. Has anyone a view? This is, hopefully, a short term need - a week or two so the cost is not too much a problem.

  lotvic 29 Jul 12

First thing to do is find out which mobile broadband dongle providers cover the area where you will be and what the signal is like. Useful info and map links then compare from what's available.

  rdave13 29 Jul 12

I've never used them but from what I've heard 3 is quite good. My son tried Vodafone and was not very good even in London. Have a gander.">http://">gander.

Use Lotvic's link as well. Good luck.

  rdave13 29 Jul 12
  rdave13 29 Jul 12

Would you believe it, both links work now. Must be me.......

  john bunyan 31 Jul 12

lotvic, rdave13

Thanks, I will follow the links up.

  SB23 31 Jul 12

I've used the "Three" network, and have always found it very good, both here in South Wales and the N E coast.

  Woolwell 31 Jul 12

Do you have a smartphone? If so try tethering it to the laptop. Depends on your data contract, etc.

  john bunyan 31 Jul 12


I have a £22 Samsung bog standard PAYG phone!. I suspect for me a one off Three or similar dongle at about £30 for a month's use will suffice. I don't use mobile phones enough to have a contract.


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