advice please network cable unplugged

  past it 10:35 21 Apr 03

I have just upgraded to xp,and have managed to get dialup online,but having problems with broadband,
on my taskbar there is an icon which is crossed in red saying"local area connection a network cable is unplugged" how can I retify this? have I got my cables connected wrong?any advice would be appreciated,thanks gordie

  muppetmark 10:53 21 Apr 03

Are you using the network cable to a cable modem ?

Are you networking 2 PCs?

Is the modem switched on ?

Was the cable connected after XP had booted?

  rickf 11:11 21 Apr 03

Hi, If everything is connected then go to control panel,network connections, right click on local network icon and see if you have enabled the connection. If not then it will show as unplugged in the system tray.

  past it 11:48 21 Apr 03

Hi Guys thanks for quick responses,
not sure if connected to cable modem,how can I check?
only connected to one pc.
have been to network connections and it says unplugged,it is an Ethernet Netgear 311.
a new Modem v92 was also fitted when updating to xp,seems to be connected ok,
sorry if a bit dumb but not too good on this,
what can I do now?

  armageddon_outta_here 12:35 21 Apr 03

It might be that the network connection that you used for broadband has been disabled by upgrading to XP. I would suggest that you
1) try enabling the network connection again now that you have XP.

2) failing that use the XP wizard to create the broadband connection.

NB Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can have the dial up moden running at the same time as the broadband. You must use one or the other at a time.

  rickf 15:56 21 Apr 03

past it, I think everything is as it should be as you have just stated that you are not networked yet. When my other comp is unplugged the X appears in the system tray saying the same message but my b/b connection is ok. When plugged in with my other comp the X disappears.

  rickf 15:57 21 Apr 03

You also have not stated if you are using a router modem or usb connection. I assume its the formar as you are using the lan card.

  1832bchs 16:10 21 Apr 03

Don't know if this is any help but when I changed to broadband and a cable modem i had the same message. It was caused by the built-in Lan, which wasn't being used. The solution was to disable it in device manager.

  slaveofconvention 16:37 21 Apr 03

I use NTL broadband via a cat5 cable to the back of the set top box, however, I have a couple websites on freeserve and you can only connect to the FTP servers if you're dialled in. IF you dial in, the dialup connection becomes the only internet connection that is live, but the broadband kicks straight back in once I disconnect the modem. I spose technically you arent wrong in that they swap the connection, but there's no inherant problem with having both set up at the same time.

  armageddon_outta_here 18:24 21 Apr 03

slave when you say "armageddon, you're wrong" and then go on to say "I spose technically you arent wrong" are you talking metaphorically or is it something you put oars in? lol

  justme 19:32 21 Apr 03

You don't say whether or not you actually have a local network installed.

I get a similar message whenever my second computer closes down. Perhaps you have a local network card which is not connected to another computer?

Hope this throws some light on your problem.

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