Advice please-MP3 player!

  achilles 11:29 16 Nov 03

I have a stroppy 14 year old looking for an MP3 player for Christmas-he's irresponsible, likely to lose interest at too many instructions and very clumsy-he wants to listen to music on the way to school (30 minutes) and when he goes away for a 1 week ski-ing trip-anyone got advice on what to watch out for? Price isn't necessarily a feature but I can't afford an iPod! (if that's the best solution?)

And of course, if it's cool, so much the better-HELP!

  powerless 11:32 16 Nov 03
  rickf 11:49 16 Nov 03

Follow Powerless link. I have a creative jukebox zen nx with 30gh/d. Removable and rechargeable battery. The software is easy to use. Excellent and much much cheaper than ipod, about £80 difference.

  soy 12:24 16 Nov 03

Have a look at Advanced MP3 players: click here

I bought a player from here a while ago and their service was exellent. The NEX IIe looks rock solid for a clumsy teenager! lol.

  Smiler 14:11 16 Nov 03

Go here

click here

click on mp3 cd players and check out the Napa DAV326 MP3 CD Player.
Plays cd's, wma files or mp3 cd's so you can put your own choice of music on.

  Andy 999 14:31 16 Nov 03

Also, why not check out some new minidisc players?There about the same size and the discs themselves cost just over a quid or you can get them from auctions for about 50p a disc.

click here

is the one ive got and its quite good.

  achilles 16:18 18 Nov 03

Thanks for that guys-

makes my life a bit easier-now, whose volunteering to program it for him.....

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