Z/TYPE 14:24 01 Apr 04

Can any one help me with a few questions.
I am looking in to bying a notebook for photo/vidio editing office docs.and 2-3 games.
Would a pentium 4 3.3ghz 128mb grapics card,
amd mob. 2400+ 128mb grapics card or a
athelon 64 3400 64mb grapics be best.
pentium is a acer 1714smi,ceeron is a acer
ferari 3000 and the athelon is a evesham.
thanks for any help

  Diodorus Siculus 14:54 01 Apr 04

Either would be good; no point in spending the extra mondy for an athlon 64 though. A good PIV with plenty of RAM will do the job. An external monitor would also be an advantaged.

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