Advice on new operating system, needed

  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:07 08 Aug 04

i am thinking about instaling a second operating system on my second HD, but before i do i would like the advice of the experts please,

ie, what do you think of it? is it stable? is it going to cause me any conflict probs? etc etc

its called dyne-bolic
what do you know about it?

my current set up is as follows=

Win XP Pro
512mb RAM
asus a7 MB
maxtor primary HD C=20gb
samsung secondry HD partitioned W=80gb X=40gb Z=30gb


  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:11 08 Aug 04

sorry forgot the clik here to the site, [in case you dont already know it]

click here

  Djohn 01:20 08 Aug 04

Don't need to install the program it runs from your CD drive. Download the operating system to your desktop and follow instructions to burn to a CD.

Each time you want to use the operating system, insert the CD and boot from there. I have no personal knowledge of this particular O/S but some other suppliers of Unix based programs offer the same option.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:26 08 Aug 04

so, is what your saying,

that dyne bolic would load instead/inplace of xp?

  Chegs ® 01:38 08 Aug 04

No,it doesn't run on a hard-drive,Dynebolic runs from the CD.To use,set your PC to boot from CD-ROM 1st,put the CD in the drive and reboot.I have used Dynebolic(I got it from a magazines DVD awhile ago)Its hard to tell the difference between these "run from CD" distros,once actually running its got most of the "default" linux applications(OpenOffice/Games,etc)that a "full" distro has,without the installer needing to know squat about linux.I use Knoppix quite often(another "Run From CD")as it gives me experience of working in linux,and when I'm fedup of linux,remove the CD,reboot and hey presto,windows again.

  Migwell 07:09 08 Aug 04

What is the advantage of useing this or any other op-system over Win XP?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 20:57 08 Aug 04


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