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Advice needed on Hard Disk upgrade

  Dave-C 11:08 26 Jan 05

I currently have an Evesham Axis 1333 with a 40Gb HDD. I'm using Windows ME and the PC has a Gigabyte Tech 7VTX motherboard with AMIBIOS 062710 (from 16 Jul 2001).
I want to add a bigger hard drive but have been told that I will probably need to upgrade my BIOS if I want more than 120Gb.
How can I find out the maximum size HDD I can have for the components I am using? And also if a BIOS upgrade will improve this at all.
Is it the BIOS that is the problem?

  Jeffers22 11:16 26 Jan 05

If you go for two 120Gb drives rather than one single big 'un you will not need to mess with upgrading the bios. You also gain in that if one fails you haven't lost everything as there is still one disk functioning.

  Chezdez 11:21 26 Jan 05

hmmm, BIOS upgardes are very very risky, i really wouldn't advise attemping it yourself unless your very very confident.

i've never heard of having a limit on the size of your HDD, but my tutor has just told me that it is true

so, your best bet will be to take your computer to a specialist shop, and get them to do it, that way it's their fault if it goes horribly wrong!

  ACOLYTE 11:26 26 Jan 05

I dont think there should be a problem with a 120Gb drive,im not sure if ME suppports drives that big it may do just a thought,This board i think has dual bios so flashing it with the q flash or other supported flash utility should be ok as it should ask you if you weont to save the old bios,having said that its not for the faint hearted,i flashed mine a few weeks ago and up to the point it restarted i was worried sick,lol.
this might be of use if you wont to tweak the board, click here

  Gongoozler 11:32 26 Jan 05

Above 137G you might well run into both BIOS and Operating system limits. There are ways around these limits, but the easiest way is to get a 120G drive. click here

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